WANCHER Innovative Cifra Zero Fighter One Hand Automatic Mechanical Watch NEW ARRIVAL COLOR- WHITE

About Zero Fighter Edition
This watch is inspired form the Japans most famous innovation of the ZERO FIGTHER PLANE which was made in the WW2.

When it was introduced early in World War II, the Zero was considered the most capable carrier-based fighter in the world, combining excellent maneuverability and very long range. In early combat operations, the Zero gained a legendary reputation as a dogfighter, achieving the outstanding kill ratio of 12 to 1, but by mid-1942 a combination of new tactics and the introduction of better equipment enabled the Allied pilots to engage the Zero on generally equal terms.
The Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service ("IJNAS") also frequently used the type as a land-based fighter.
By 1943, inherent design weaknesses and the failure to develop more powerful aircraft engines meant that the Zero became less effective against newer enemy fighters, which possessed greater firepower, armor, and speed, and approached the Zero's maneuverability. Although the Mitsubishi A6M was outdated by 1944, design delays and production difficulties of newer Japanese aircraft types meant that it continued to serve in a front line role until the end of the war.
During the final years of the War in the Pacific, the Zero was also adapted for used in kamikaze operations. During the course of the war, the Japanese produced more Zeros than any other model aircraft.
Inspiration of the Cifra design
The cifra design came into existence based on the inspiration of the oldest clock in the world, which was believed to be the sun and shadow clock used in the subcontinent which is now India with the blend of our Japan culture.
The sun and shadow was used to measure the length of the day and night and calculated the time accordingly.
The Cifra designers got huge inspiration from and therefore it has very special characteristics related to this olden measurement of the time.  Step by step it will be explained in detail in order to understand the science of our new design.
Cifra Meaning
Cifra means the number 0 which ultimately leads us to the space where there is no end to the time and also our dreams.
This leads us to the space where the number 0 gravity is used a lot.
We at Wancher also think that the our life and dreams should be endless with no limitation same as our watch
Cifra Japan silent culture with Space, Cosmos feeling:
Japan has a very silent culture and we have seen some Japan ancient products exclusively describing and depiction the silent culture of the Japan through them.
The same concept goes to our Cifra watch too, this watch has only 1 hand to show the time, which is so silent, also expressing the space where everything seems to be stopped but actually the universe is running into its orbits. From our Cifra design you may enjoy the Japan silent culture with the space terminology of 0 gravity.
The cosmos has always been considered the better place to test the time of the watch.
Special Mineral Sapphire Glass
The glass used is high quality mineral glass which is soluble making it very special and extreme clarity.Mineral glass is ordinary tempered glass made from silica. It is more scratch resistant than Plexiglass which is a plastic also used for watch crystals.
The most scratch resistant crystals are usually mineral glass coated with synthetic Sapphire. This glass also gives the crystal dome like structure which makes the wearer easy to use an see the time clearly from any angle.
Special Sharp index
The Cifra watch has a very sharp and fine needle arrow to show the time correctly from any angle and the glass and needle makes it so easy to read that even from the top or bottom angle you will see the time exactly proper as if the needle in on the time.
Time calculation
The center hand is of the minute. Each bar on the minute represents the 10 mins. So every minute the hand will move to its one place ahead and the inner numbers are of the Hours.
For example: if the hand is on the index 13 then it is 1o clock. If that hands move to the next index then it is 1oclock 10 mins.
Case material
The case is made of the high brass material.
If you see in the Mend levees period table, brass is not found I nature, it is a mixture of the 2 or more different metals such as Copper ( Cu) and Zinc (Zn). This composition has the chemical property of the making the material smooth and also it well matches with human skins causing no irritation on the wrist hands.

Water resistance
3ATM water resistance watch!
Manufacturer: WANCHERModel number: WAWT-CIFRAZ-WHTGRNSLBK-BK1pin
Color: White
Time: Minutes (center hand of the watch)Dial size: 46mmThickness: 14mmBelt: LeatherColor of the dial: whiteMovement:  Automatic MechanicalGlass material: Mineral Saphhire glass ( anti scratch and shock resistance)Case material: BrassWater resistance: 3ATM

WANCHER Sun Series Self Winding Mechanism Silver Color Elegant Automatic Mechanical Watch

About WANCHER Sun Series
The watch has a indicator window of Sun - Moon.
Feel the change of day time and night time with your WANCHER Sun Watch Series.
Date and Month Display Window
There is a window to show the date and month.
You will never loose track of dates, months for your important apointment with this WANCHER Sun Watch Series.
What day is today? From 1st  ~  31st
You will never have to ask your friends or anybody around you this question: What day is today?
Because with WANCHER Sun Watch, you will find out the answer by yourself.
Self Winding Mechanism - Automatic Mechanical Movement
The movement must be accurate, reliable, take the shock of firing a gun and throwing a punch, be relatively temperature stable, automatic, and anti-magnetic.
Each click wheel consists of a perimeter gear, a central gear, and, in the middle of the central gear, a fixed smaller gear.
The perimeter gear has ratchet pawls around the inside. The central gear has sloping teeth around its circumference that engage with the ratchet pawls around the inside of the perimeter gear to act as a “one-way” clutch. When the left click wheel assembly is rotated counter clockwise by the clockwise movement of the master gear it will turn the central gear, turning the upper gear in a clockwise direction. However, when the master gear rotates counter clockwise the left perimeter gear will turn clockwise, this will not engage the central gear but, the left perimeter gear will turn the right perimeter gear counter clockwise, engaging the right central gear and again, turn the upper gear in the same clockwise direction. This mechanism allows the rotor (connected to the master gear) to swing in either way or still wind the watch in a clockwise direction.
Manufacturer: WANCHERModel number: WAWT-CIFRAZ-WHTGRNSLBK-BK1pin
Color: White
Time: Minutes (center hand of the watch)
Case material: 316 Stainless Steel (Specular reflection finished)
Features: Month, Date, Day display with Sun - Moon window
Case size: 50mmx40mm (exclude the crown)
Thickness: 14mm
Lug width: 20mmWatch belt: about 20cmWindshield: mineral glassMovement:  Self winding mechanism Automatic Mechanical
Water resistance: 5ATM


New Kawaii Multinational Pet Dog Cat Shoulder Bag Style Fashion Convenient

New Kawaii Multinational Pet Dog Cat Shoulder Bag Style Fashion Convenient 

A very Special bag to carry your pet anywhere you want in style and fashion and conveniently.
Are you tired of walking your pet everywhere and sometimes your cute Pet like Dog, Cat may slip put of your hand when you are busy shopping or travelling in the subways.

Heres the solution for you all!! you just put your pet inside this bag and carry him on shoulder and walk or do shopping or travel in subways. best bag for the people living in big.
 cities. It is very light bag to carry to avoid strain or fatigue in the back.
We use them In tokyo subways and crowded places where they are lot of people but many of my friends give me compliment that the pet and bag is very cute. Both women and men can use and appeal your pet and kawaii culture too from Japan.!!

P.S Use this bag with your pet in subways where it is allowed in your country. In Tokyos certain subways it is allowed but certain subways it is not allowed.


WANCHER ZOGAN PEARL INLAY ENGRAVED Sakura &River of Time Black Fountain Pen


Zogan - Pearl Inlay Engraved Series

Sakura and River of Time Edition

Black Body Iridium Point Nib

Medium Nib Size

Fountain Pen

Zogan - Handmade Pearl Inlay Engraving Process
Zogan (in Japanese), or also known as Damascene, a metal inlaid manufacturing process, is a traditional Japanese Handcraft with a long history.
Originally developed from Ishikawa prefecture, Zogan  is the art of inlaying different metals into one another—typically, gold or silver into a darkly oxidized steel background—to produce intricate patterns similar to niello. The English term comes from a perceived resemblance to the rich tapestry patterns of damask silk.
Throughout the long history, Zogan was used to decorate Katana fittings and many other high class weapons.
However, the history has seen a blow to the Zogan industry. In the ninth year of the Meiji Restoration, that was the introduction of laws forbidding the ownership of weapons, especially katanas. Instead of halting their manufacturing wayof-life, the Zogan refocused their energy and skills to produce fine personal ornamentation, including fountain pen.
1200 year-history of Inlay Tradition-  the Proud of Kyoto
Types of Zogan - Japanese Inlay Engraving
Line Inlay (Referred to thread inlay, also with wire inlay)The oldest technique, lower-carved grooves in the flea on the surface of the iron and copper, and flatten fit by hitting a line of gold and silver in the groove. The large blade of a burial mound excavated, collar, saddle bridge and pommel in (saddle tree), and etc.
Flat inlayLower-carved flat surface such as copper, is fitted Taira-kin of the gold and silver thin (Hiragane), and a plane with less edge.
Grain inlayThe craftsmen put the muscle of fine grain horizontally and vertically using a chisel to the surface such as iron, copper, fitting the line and Taira-kin of gold and silver. 
Technique that is used in Japan and Spain currently. Entered the 13th century, grain inlay is transmitted to Spain via Egypt database from Damascus, and remains in the Toledo City today, Japanese tourists have been come to buy well as a souvenir. 
Toledo City is where Toledo kingdom, flourished as the capital of Spain until the 16th century and then to the 11th century - 8th century.
High meat inlay (referred as installation text inlay)Technique to make out from the convex surface of the metal in the high meat gold and silver crowded house. 
It is not made with little manufacturing costs because of expensive material.
Steps of making Zogan - Japanese Pearl Inlay
(1) Grain cutting (Nunomekiri)
Is fixed to the bench of the dough soft iron, ticks away groove (about 200 Jo in one mm square) finely vertically and horizontally as grain on the surface of the dough iron chisel.
There is some mechanization in recent years)
(2) Into the block (nyugan)
The Ategai on top of the grain across with tweezers (0.07 mm 0.15 mm position ~) line pure gold, sterling silver, and Yuki draw a pattern while driving with a small hammer. Also placed on top of the grain (0.02 mm 0.04 mm position-thickness) Taira-kin pure gold, sterling silver, and Yuki devoted with a hammer while cutting the shape of the pattern in the cut chisel. When finished put the pattern, ensure that it makes good contact without disturbing the gold and silver in bites in the groove completely without hitting ten thousand side at the corner of deer.
(3) Corrosion
You corrode the surface of iron by immersion in sulfuric acid and nitric acid, which is washed with soda iron cloth which Nyuhama, you diluted. Only the portion of the pattern is left slightly higher gold and silver because not aggression in acid.
(4) Take out, rust, rust
Fine rust appears on the surface of the iron and repeat the step of applying with a brush chloride ammonia is taken out in about two hours each were placed in a rust box was increased humidity iron fabric finished Nyuhama, corrosion, to dry out by heating . To the rust by tannins when the rust came out moderately, boiled and soaked in green tea are included. Lacquer ware the following adhere well by this process, The craftsman brings out the luster of gold and silver lacquer becomes matte.
(5) Lacquer ware (Urushiyaki) 
Baked and painted with a brush the Roiro lacquer or lacquer to iron cloth that was rust, it will be black graceful lofty inlay peculiar that does not peel off easily twice, and repeat three times.
(6) Scraped
Pattern appears clearly Bokusumi If you (Ho-zumi) decodes the corrosion on it by the previous step, part of the gold and silver put a pattern because it becomes a little higher. Gold and silver shines brilliantly when polish by rubbing with a spatula of strong carbon steel further.
(7) Hair carving (Kebori) 
You can subjected to fine hair carved in the surface of the chisel Taira-kin of gold and silver polished, and finish by issuing a three-dimensional impression in the part matte.
Features of Zogan - Japanese Pearl Inlay Damascening
With Japanese Pearl Inlay Zogan techniques, skillful craftsmen use a special fine tip of engraving. This makes the Japanese engraving very fine and able to make very minor detail of inlay engraving.
This technique also gives the engraving the durability and stability. Engraving with low-quality techniques may have some disappointing results, as the engraved pieces may fall off after some time or strong impacts. With Zogan - Japanese Inlay, it is very vey hard and almost impossible to peel off the engraved pieces from the background thanks to the very fine tip of engraving the craftsmen used. All engraved pearl pieces are positioned very tight and strong in the background.
Sakura and River of Time
Do you know Sakura - Cherry Blossom only comes once a year; and the sakura "season" only last for one week in each location.
Sakura comes and leaves so fast that if you a change to see sakura, don't miss it.
After each Sakura season, it leaves behind the feeling of a new start, a better future and optimism.
People just want time to fly faster and faster so that they can see the next Sakura. The lines on the body of the pens symbolize the River of Time where we are all looking forward to the next Sakura with patience and tolerance.
That is why Sakura is the symbol for a precious and memorial beauty.
 And thinking of Sakura, WANCHER has made this Sakura and River of Time Edition
Vintage Nib Material – Iridium Point Nib
The nib material is specially made from Iridium.
German Iridium Point Nib Technology is famous worldwide and has been adapted by WANCHER to apply on the WANCHER Ebonite Black body Sakura and River of Time design。
All the nibs are carefully hand made by nib experts and artist from WANCHER.
A very long and hard process has been done in order to produce this special nib.
You will be definitely satisfied with the smooth writing lines the pen produce.
A limited fountain pen with a vintage beauty!!!
Manufacturer: WANCHER
Model Number: WA-ZOU-FP-M
Body: Ebonite Black body Sakura and River of Time design
Features: Zogan - Pearl Inlay Engraving Art Sakura and River of Time Design
Nib material: Iridium point nib
Nib size: M (Medium) nib
Filling system: Converter and Cartridge
Only from Engeika: Cartridge and Converter included
Barrel: 13.0mm (max diameter)
Length: 146 mm (cap closed)
Weight: 20.3g
Shipping weight: 200g