New Silk Road Luxurious Cowhide Leather Business 2 way Black Jotter Briefcase Bag

Introducing our new Silk Road Business Bag from camel.
The Leather used is Whole Cowhide Leather with extreme superior quality. The quality of this bag is same as the famous brand Gucci, Louis Vuitton, other popular brand. I bet you gonna love it.
Both men and women can use it as an office briefcase.

A perfect business bag to carry to office or overseas business trips.
You can also put your Ipad, Iphone very safely and properly in the bag with a small laptop.

Start using it now and make an impression and look professional and smartly built your confidence.

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A bit Knowledge of Nuclear Reactor explosion in Fukushima Prefecture JAPAN

Today I saw the MSN Japan news and they had this wonderful knowledge of the nuclear reactor explosion and its consequences on their website.
This really helps to understand what will happen at the fuksuhima daiichi Nuclear reactor. as the media is creating a lot of news about it but nobody understands it properly those scientific term. So this video is giving some knowledge in cartoon illustration to easy to understand.
In Japan such cartoon illustrations are used a lot to explain many things. A typical Kawaii culture which I really enjoy in Japan.

I pray that the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant meltdown very soon and not turn into another incident as Chernobyl.
I am sure it will be soon recover. Amen!!

The you tube video, with English Subtitle.

Feel free to put your comment on it. As together we share knowledge, we can overcome many difficulties in life.

Thank you


Silk Road Luxurious Original Leather bags, Camel Bag

The Silk road Bags.
The name only sound so exotic and different and so are these bags coming from Silk Road.
As we all know that silk Road was the main trading channel from the Far East to the Europe. It played a major role in the industrial revolution in early centuries.

These bags are also obtained from Silk road. The amazing thing is its mesmerizing history and leather material. The leather we all are know are various types and different kinds. No one can explain the best quality of leather expect the experts. The leather from before the introduction to Europe was a precious skin in the far East. The European traders have learned that form the east and thus they also passed this from the Silk road channel.

This bag has a symbol of the Silk road, Camel. The Camel is the symbol of the Silk road channel passer helping the traders to pass its beautiful, bountiful elements from the its channel.

These bags are delicately made by Camel brands. The design, style and the quality is unbeatable. we all like these bags and thus recommend you all to use it for your daily use or make these bags as your travel companion.

My Leather Journey:

You must have seen various leather bags, purses, wallets in different stores with different prices. Don’t you go nuts and completely confuses in choosing the right leather items. I myself experienced it couple of times before and it was very hard for me select the leather bags, purses and wallets. I even bought couple of leather bags, wallets keeping in mind the higher the price the better the quality But I was mistaken and I after purchasing it I always regretted as always something was missing in it. I always felt that other people had more interesting and nicer leather than me.

This was bit frustrating!!?

Since then I started getting more into each and every detail of the leather. I also visited some leather stores, factories and some artists to ensure that I get each single details of the leather. The more I get to closer to the leather the more I realize that I have to go still far.

Some secret tips of mine to select the best leather:

l When you check any leather item, check the threading, or stitch at the corner of each leather. If the threads are loose or too many threading then it is possibly a leather in small patches attached together. It has a very short life and gets damaged easily.

l Always select the leather with fewer threads or almost no threads. The most highly quality leather bag or wallet, or purse is the leather of 1 whole piece without any cutting. This ensures that the leather is expensive and can live for long.

l All the leather stuff you see now doesnot have the whole leather made stuffs because it very cost and time consuming. Therefore the cheap leather stuffs are not the whole leather made stuffs in order to reduce the cost.

l The thickness can also determine the quality of the leather from the other mixed, amalgamated leather. This test is bit hard to understand by ordinary people so only experts can decide it.

How is leather obtained? Are the animals tortured?

The leather we are dealing with is either made from Cow, Calf or Horse. Leather is the hide skin of these animals. During this process neither of the animals are tortured nor brutally killed. These animals are specially bred for the leather purpose and therefore taken very special care. So please don’t worry and be safe to use this leather.

I myself believe and love animals, so I also don’t like to harm them.

Our Silk Road Camel Bag Website

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Wrong news of Earthquake, Tsunami In Japan broad casted

We are terrified to see the Earthquake and Tsunami in the North eastern Japan mainly in Sendai, Fukushima prefecture.
We live in Southern Japan, where there is no alert of earthquake nor of tsunami.
but we still need to be caution about it.
Our transportation modes have changed, trains time tables have changed so it has affected also.

Secondly the nuclear reactor explosion is causing us lot of concern even we are far, it might get transferred through water, food in our parts also. I just pray to God that our situation in Japan goes back to normal.

I also want to tell many of my friends abroad that dont listen to the abroad News channel, they just elaborate the news too much with lot of hype. We are only following the NHK, Offcial japan news channel on which each news is properly detailed without any over heated news.
Because of many of the foreign news channel has showed wrong areas in earthquake hit and had also reported wrong that the whole Japan is under tsunami waves. Which is not true so please dont believe it. Im sad to see that the news reporters are making money by broadcasting wrong news and have no shame and pride to understand the actual situation in North eastern coast of Japan.

We all are strong and trying to get to normal. We are shocked to see this and I still cant believe it that this is happening.
I am thankful for the wonderful emails and phone calls I got from my abroad friends. It really helped me a lot to be taken care.

I wish all the people in Japan the power to be strong and fight this natural calamity which we all are suffering from.

I will try to keep updated some latest news from South of Japan.


New Dolce Vita Naranja Fountain& Roller Pen Set Presents

This pen is amazing with the naranja (orange) colored acrylic barrel with the black cap.
It will be a great presents or gifts to your beloved ones

New Dolce Vita Naranja Matching Fountain& Roller Pen Set Gift

This is an excellent fountain pen which resembles a bit like the Dolce Vita fountain Pen.

The barrel is made of the Naranja Acrylic material with a black cap. The cap is a push in cap. The overall color flow and the style is a great pen for daily use and causal purpose. You can enjoy this pens style at very reasonable price.

This pen matches well on the office table, white or colorful papers, diaries and journals.

A very slick model to carry easily in the business shirts or any other colorful clothes.

Isnt it nice to have a stylish pen for a great price where each and every penny is worth to purchase!!!

Dimension Fountain pen:
Nib Size:Medium Iridium
Width: 13mm
Length: 140mm
Ink System: Ink Converter with cartridge available anywhere in stores.
Dimensions Roller pen
Length: 13.5cm
width: 0.6cm
Weight: 27gm
Refill: any standard parker refill can be used.

Find it on my ebay store.
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